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A Women’s Right to Make Decisions About Her Own Body is Obliterated

Roe v Wade We appear to be traveling back in time to the days where women had no legally identifiable right to govern their own bodies.  I am young enough to have always had the right to choose, but old enough to respect, admire, and appreciate what our [...]

The Pitfalls of Using Independent Contractors Versus Employees in Your Business

IC Agreement I’ve had so many clients that think they are doing the right thing when they set up their business using independent contractors.   What they do not realize is that it’s not as simple as just saying you’re using independent contractors.   There are a lot [...]

What Being a Veteran Means to Me

After I graduated high school in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, I started college at a small school in Wisconsin.  After one year, I moved down to Gainesville, Florida and went to school at a community college with the plan of transferring to the University of Florida once I had established residency.  [...]

How to Make Sure Your Pet is Taken Care of After You’re Gone 

Tiggaroo My cat, Tiggaroo, was looking for his forever home in 2018.  I had my prior cat since she was a kitten until she passed away eighteen years later in 2018.  I was twenty years old stationed in North Carolina in the United States Air Force when I [...]

Is a Corporation the Best Type of Entity for Your Business?

Corporation as a Business Entity Corporations offer many benefits as a business entity, and they are probably the most recognizable form.  But that doesn’t mean that they are fully understood or appreciated.   I’ve represented plenty of clients who chose a corporation without an attorneys’ input or guidance, [...]

Is a Partnership the Right Business Entity for You?

Business Partnership If you will not be the only person in your business entity, a general partnership is an option for you.   Partnerships are not limited to just individuals. You can partner with corporations or other legal entities.   A general partnership is considered a separate entity [...]

What are Your Options for Incorporating Your Business?

Female Business Attorney, Female Lawyer Chicago, Female Attorney Chicago, Small Business When someone is starting a business the initial question I get asked the most is what form should the business entity take.  And it’s a great question.   There are three main types of entities that you [...]

What does the Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Act of 2021 Mean for Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Survivors and for Employers? 

Ending Forced Arbitration The Act allows a survivor of sexual assault and sexual harassment to file their claim in court instead of being forced into mandatory arbitration.   The Act also prohibits agreements that waive an employee’s right to partake in a joint, class, or collective action in [...]

So, You’re Starting a Business… Now What?

If I had a dime for every time I heard from a potential client, “Oh, I had no idea I needed to do that!”   Mary called me up to discuss her business that was already up and running because she read on the internet that she didn’t need a [...]

The Whys and Hows of Certifying as a Women-Owned Small Business

Become Certified as a Woman Owned Small Business Among the benefits of certifying as a Woman-Owned Small Business, are the instances when federal government agencies limit competition for certain contracts to participating businesses or set aside a certain percentage of funding for WOSB-certified firms, which especially tends to [...]

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